Plant Capabilities

Horizon Custom Bakery operates 3 bakery plants that manufacture products distributed across the US, Canada and Mexico. Our products can be shipped both frozen for thaw and serve applications, as well as fresh.
  • Cookies – From mini to large, crispy to chewy.

  • Brownies – Multiple formats including double deposits, filled, iced and topped.

  • Iced Cakes – Individual portion squares, round cakes, cupcakes (all sizes), whoopee pies, sheet cakes, 8″ round and much more!

  • Bundt Cakes – Plain or center filled, with icing, string iced, waterfall iced, or streusel topped.

  • Cinnamon Rolls – Laminated (flaky croissant style) and stress free, traditional style, pull-apart, sticky bun.

  • Muffins and Crumble Cakes – Filled with fruit, cinnamon and topped with streusel and/or icing.

  • Pound & Pudding Slices – and Whole sliced Loaves.

  • Bars – Snack bars, breakfast bars from crispy to chewy.

  • Turnovers – Fruit and chocolate.

  • Biscotti – Mini or large, string iced or enrobed.

  • Savory – Craveavble savory rolls, Danish, and breads using ingredients like cheeses, garlic, peppers, spinach, and eggs.

  • Icings – Waterfall, string, rosette, enrobed.

  • Toppings – Sprinkles, candy, streusel…let your imagination run wild.

DOWNLOAD  Download our technical product capabilities grid.
Our products can be made in multiple sizes from bite size to bulk. We provide packaging solutions ranging from individually wrapped fin sealed, to pouches, dome containers to bulk, all depending on the needs of our partners. All our plants are SQF certified (as of Oct 2014) and have U D kosher certification.
Like most bakeries, we have mixers, depositors, laminators, different types of ovens and cooling systems… we could go on and on. Our finest asset, however, is our people, many of whom have been with Horizon Custom Bakery for over 20 years. They allow us to create some pretty spectacular treats that a machine just can’t do.