Markets We Serve


Horizon Custom Bakery partners include

  • Quick Service
  • Fast Casual
  • Casual & Family dining
  • Coffee Chain
  • Specialty Foodservice

For each segment, we’ve developed one-of-a-kind baked goods that help distinguish their businesses from competitors. Whether you already have a treat in mind, or want our experts to provide delicious original ideas, we listen and respond with uncompromising speed.


Increasingly, hotel chains are recognizing the brand- building value of offering unique bakery goods to their guests. Horizon Custom Bakery is the leader in crafting unforgettable baked goods that bring guests back again and again. Naturally, these guests are only too happy to share the delicious news with family and friends.


Need a low fat muffin? Perhaps extra fiber, Omega 3, or antioxidant-rich super fruits? The registered dieticians on our R&D team are very familiar with the latest news on the nutritional landscape. Every one of these experts has extensive experience crafting savory baked goods that satisfy the strictest dietary and ingredient criteria. Rest assured, each member of our team is on top of the latest health trends such as calorie and fat-restricted diets, 100% whole grain and all-natural ingredients, sugar alternatives, and gluten-free components.