Green Initiatives

Protecting and preserving our environment is a priority at Horizon Custom Bakery. Our Green Committee is represented by employees from all locations, and meets monthly to continually improve our impact on the planet within every facet of our company.


We recycle or repurpose everything from paper and plastic products, computer equipment, printer ribbons, and ink cartridges in our offices, to oil, batteries, pallets and 55 gallon drums in our three manufacturing plants.  All of our food waste is sent to local hog farmers. Our plastic packaging is compostable, and our paper cartons recyclable.


Water use and corresponding sewer intake is carefully monitored and controlled at our plants. Recently, our pan washing system was overhauled completely with a new control circuit, switches, valves and flow meter, resulting in a 50% decrease in waste water. At our offices, all employees use complementary re-usable water bottles and plumbed cooler system.


We utilize energy efficient LED light bulbs, and motion sensors that turn off the lights when not in use. We also employ policies to shut down all computers and electric equipment at the end of the workday.


We have an employee ride-share, and bus pass program.  Our company vehicles are maintained for maximum MPG, and many of our employees drive electric or hybrid vehicles.