What is Matcha?

I feel so cheated! Recently, in the last few months like most after the New Year, I have dedicated myself to dropping some serious “Lbs.”.  You know what I am talking about…that infamous diet…NOOOO! I needed all the help I could get, only by natural means of course, so I took up a green tea habit.  Being told about the benefits, it was a perfect aid to give me that extra metabolism boost and kick of energy that I needed. With just a little addition of some all natural honey, it was good to go, but little did I know I was getting cheated and lied to! Come to find out, brewed green tea actually only gives you half of the nutrients and thus benefits that a green tea leaf can offer.  It’s like going into a store and only getting offered half of the products available.  This is when I heard about matcha, Eureka! What is it you ask?

Matcha, according to teapigs.com, is a 100% natural, organic green tea leaves that have been ground into a fine powder. The main difference between matcha and brewed green tea is that with matcha you are getting the whole tea leaf.  With brewed green tea, the water is only extracting a fraction of the green tea’s benefits. Originating in Nishio, Japan and used for a tea ceremony that has been practiced for over 900 years, matcha is finally gaining a foothold in US food trends.

Matcha2        Matcha3

Why Should You Care?

The health benefits are astounding and will make you kick yourself for not have been enjoying it long ago.  Here are the facts according to matchasource.com:

  • 1 Glass of matcha is equivalent to the nutritional values and antioxidant content of 10 glasses of regular brewed green tea.
  • It has 20 times the amount of antioxidants than a serving of pomegranates or blueberries. (ORAC Test, Tufts University) “Matcha’s ORAC rating is 1300 units/gram versus pomegranates 105 units/gram or blueberries 91 units/gram.
  • It contains EGCg, which is a cancer fighting antioxidant that can’t be found in other foods.
  • EGCg also fights off free radicals, like: pollution, UV rays, radiation, and chemicals.
  • 60% of the catechins in matcha are actually EGCg.
  • Because of the unique Amino Acid L-Theanine, it helps promote concentration and clarity of mind without the nervous energy that one would get from coffee.
  • Like green tea, matcha also is an energy booster, a calorie burner, and a detox deluxe. Think of it this way; if you get all of this from one glass of green tea already, imagine what you would get from 10 glasses (equivalent to 1 gl. of macha)!

So, there you have it!  Why wouldn’t I switch? Basically, you are getting “more bang for your buck.”  We at Horizon Custom Bakery have definitely indulged in the craze with some of our new creations Katie’s newest creation, The Coconut Matcha Flan with a garnish of dark and white chocolate curls. Have so “matcha” fun enjoying this new treat!




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